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File 1970 I Don\'t Believe In If Anymore (L).zip
File 1971 New World In The Morning (Vinyl-rip) (L).zip
File 1972 Whistling \'round The World (Vinyl-rip) (320).zip
File 1976 The Very Best Of Vol.2 (Vinyl-rip) (L).zip
File 1977 The Best Of Roger Whittaker (L).zip
File 1979 Morning Has Broken (Vinyl-rip) (L).zip
File 1979 When I Need You (Vinyl-rip) (320).zip
File 1983 The Best Of Roger Whittaker (L).zip
File 1986 The Roger Whittaker Collection (192).zip
File 1988 Living & Loving (L).zip
File 1989 Best Loved Ballads Volume One (L).zip
File 1989 Love Will Be Our Home (L).zip
File 1991 Frohe Weinacht – Die schonsten Weihnachtslieder (320).zip
File 1991 Golden Stars (L).zip
File 1993 24 Golden Hits Roger Whittaker I The Morning Don\'t (L).zip
File 1993 Celebration (3CD) (320).zip
File 1994 Danny Boy & Other Irish Favorites (L).zip
File 1994 I Will Always Love You (L).zip
File 1994 Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht (192).zip
File 1995 Ein schoner Tag mit Dir (L).zip
File 1995 Roger Whittaker Live (L).zip
File 1995 The Christmas Song (L).zip
File 1996 A Perfect Day (L).zip
File 1996 The World Of Roger Whittaker (L).zip
File 1997 Ein bisschen Aroma (L).zip
File 1997 Meine Gross (3CD) (320).zip
File 1998 Forever Classic - Original Hits (L).zip
File 1998 New World in the Morning (128).zip
File 1998 The Very Best Of - Live (192).zip
File 1999 All of My Life (The Very Best Of) (L).zip
File 2001 Legends (3 CD) (L).zip
File 2004 Now and Then-Greatest Hits-1964-2004 (320).zip
File 2005 Greatest Hits (L).zip
File 2008 If I Were A Rich Man (L).zip
File 2008 Liebe endet nie 00 du 08 (L).zip
File 2008 The Golden Age of Roger Whittaker- 50 Years of Classic Hits (320 FhG).zip
File 2011 Danke Deutschland. Meine Grossten Hits by Roger Whittaker (2CD) (L).zip
File 2014 Original Album Classics (VBR 252-297).zip
File 2016 Alles Roger - Alles Hits (die neue Best Of) (320).zip
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