FileFactory Reseller Program

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Become a FileFactory Verified Reseller

FileFactory's Reseller program allows you to purchase FileFactory Premium accounts at a discounted rate, and resell them to your customers in your local currency with your preferred local payment methods.

Why become a FileFactory Verified Reseller?

By partnering with FileFactory you can make more money on the Internet. Only approved Resellers can resell FileFactory Premium accounts.

FileFactory is one of the most popular file sharing services on the Internet. Over 3 million members have joined, with hundreds of customers purchasing Premium accounts daily.

By partnering with us and reselling FileFactory Premium accounts, you can earn commissions on every sale you make, and enable people from different countries to use FileFactory services, who cannot make payment through our normal payment methods.

I'm interested. How does the FileFactory Reseller Program work?

First, you need to apply to become a Reseller to see if you meet our criteria.

If approved, you will gain access to our Reseller Portal where you will be able to purchase FileFactory subscriptions at a discounted rate.

The current discount is 25%. If you manage to sell high volumes, we offer greater discounts.

In the Reseller portal you will be able to deposit funds and generate Premium subscription tokens which you can deliver to your customers after they have made payment to you.

You can accept whichever payment methods are best suited to your country. Supporting the most popular local payment methods will of course generate the most sales.

So, what are the minimum requirements to become a FileFactory Reseller?

In order to become verified as a FileFactory Reseller, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You need to have an established and fully functioning website which offers reselling services. We do not accept sites under construction, or services which do not yet exist.
  2. You need to be able to sell FileFactory accounts through the most convenient local billing methods of your country, in your local currency.
  3. You cannot resell FileFactory subscriptions for less than the equivalent of our USD retail prices in your local currency. In other words, you are not permitted to undercut our prices. However, you may charge more than our prices if you wish.
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